Tips and Tricks

Tips for Raising Pledges

  • Tell your story. Write a personal appeal to all of your friends and family telling them why you are participating in this event and raising funds to help out homeless animals. Ask them to join your team or make a donation in support of you that will help animals in need.

  • Compete! Is there more than one Dog Jog team in your company, school or neighbourhood? Inspire everyone’s competitive spirit by setting up a challenge of some kind, or an incentive for the team with the most members or highest fundraising total.

  • Use available tools. Use the e-mail and web tools available in your participant centre, or your own preferred communication communication method, to send weekly updates to your current and potential supporters, to share your goal and keep them up to date on your progress and to share news.

  • Ask for support from your employer. Ask your employer to match what you raise. In addition, individual gifts made by your supporters may be eligible for matching funds from their employers please remind them to find out about their company’s matching gift policy.

  • Use social media. Place regular updates about your progress on your Facebook or other social networking pages. Encourage people to support your efforts by making a donation in your honour.

Note: Please ensure that you have the complete first name, last name, and address for everyone who donates to you so that we can issue them a tax receipt (for donations $20 and over). If you have supporters who would like to receive their tax receipt right away, direct them to your personal Dog Jog page to donate. All online donations will be receipted by e-mail immediately.