Will you Party With A Purpose this August?

Come together with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to Party With A Purpose! Transform any occasion into a fundraiser and give your guests a true reason to celebrate.

Because we are an open admission shelter, we never turn an animal away. Therefore, each animal that comes through our door is unique: some require medical attention and some don't, some require behaviour support and some don't. However, the one thing that each and every animal who comes to us needs is a nutritious bowl of food.

We invite you to host your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours this August to help feed the animals at Calgary Humane Society. The funds you raise through you party will ensure that each animal, no matter how unique, receives the nutrition they need to get the best start to their second chance.

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How it works:

Step 1: Register Your Party

Register your party for free so we can support your event, share your efforts to inspire others and so we can say Thank You! 

Get started by thinking of the type of party you would like to host, and when the event will take place. A Party With A Purpose can be hosted at any time, anywhere with any one!

Once you have registered your party, you will be able to create your own party page, send invitations to your guests, collect and track donations, and receive your host package!

Step 2: Invite Your Guests

Hosting a Party With A Purpose is about coming together to help provide the tailored nutrition animals require to get the best start to their second chance. You can find sample email templates in your Host Center to make inviting, contacting, and updating your guests easy.

Step 3: Receive Your Host Package

Once you have registered your party, we will begin assembling your host package. Your host package helps you host a successful Party With A Purpose. Click here to learn more about what is included in your host package.

Step 4: Party Time

Your efforts mean the world to us, and the animals you are helping! When your party starts, it is time to celebrate! Be sure to snap a few photos of all the fun you are having and tag #CHSparty or @CalgaryHumane so we can add them to our online gallery!

Need more information? Check out our FAQs!

Download your pledge form here.

Calgary Humane Society is proud to feed our animals Royal Canin. The tailored nutrition Royal Canin offers ensures every animal, no matter how unique, gets the best start to their second chance.