Good Karma

Your support helps make a difference in the lives of vulnerable animals in our community. Read Karma's story below to see how the programs and services Calgary Humane Society offers, helps end animal cruelty.

On May 15th, 2020, Karma – A small black and white terrier arrived at an emergency clinic in Calgary. Karma was far along in a pregnancy and appeared to be suffering from suspected toxicity. A drug test revealed that Karma has methamphetamines, barbiturates and amphetamines in her system. The owner, claiming financial hardship, declined all medical treatment and discharged Karma against medical advice. Karma with tongue - 1.jpg

The veterinarian team from the emergency clinic immediately notified Calgary Humane Society, and CHS Peace Officers attended the owner’s residence and seized Karma. They promptly admitted her for emergency medical treatment and a second drug test revealed that cocaine was also present in Karma’s system, in addition to the already astonishing list of ingested narcotics.
Medical neglect is one of the most complex issues investigated by Calgary Humane Society Peace officers and requires a great deal of time and attention. The investigator worked quickly to obtain all pertinent information and laid charges against the owner. This triggered an application for an order of custody hearing, which would grant Calgary Humane Society custody of Karma and her unborn puppies pending the outcome of court proceedings.

Karmas Puppy - Storm (2).jpg  Martin on a bridge.jpg  Karmas Puppy -  Ricky (4).jpg   

In the next week, Karma slowly settled in with her foster family, where she enjoyed long walks, a warm bed and the comfort of a stable home. On June 4th, after almost a month in foster care, Karma welcomed the birth of seven puppies. Custody of Karma and the newborns was granted to CHS by the Court of Queen’s Bench on June 11th, after a successful custody hearing.

For the next eight months, Karma’s case was pending resolution in the court system. During that time, Calgary Humane Society, along with the incredible help of a number of foster families, nurtured Karma’s seven puppies, ensuring that all were optimally healthy, loved and enriched. Due to the strict COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, the CHS team had to get creative in helping foster families with the puppies, offering training and support via Zoom and phone. Socially-distanced puppy socialization classes were established to help them learn to communicate properly with other dogs.

storm with foster family now adoptive family.jpg   Gibson - with Foster Parents who also adopted him.jpg

On February 2nd, 2021 Karma’s owner pleaded guilt to the charges against her. She received a fine and five-year prohibition from owning or caring for animals, resulting in the forfeiture of Karma and her pups. Karma’s puppies – now very large young dogs – were all finally able to be adopted out by Calgary Humane Society! Finding forever homes for this adorable bunch did not take long. In fact, within the first three weeks, five of the seven loving pups went home with new families! And the best part of all was that Karma, too, found her forever home!

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