The Fight Against Animal Cruelty

Your support helps make a difference in the lives of vulnerable animals in our community. Read our latest Animal Proections story below to see how the programs and services Calgary Humane Society offers, helps end animal cruelty.

Animal cruelty is not pretty.  Most years, we shine a spotlight on those that have been rescued and survived the cruelty that they have experienced.  The stark reality is that there aren’t always happy endings for many of these cases.  Plenty of animals in our City are neglected to the point of requiring humane euthanasia and some very unfortunate animals are killed in the abusive event that is ultimately investigated and prosecuted.  This year for Dog Jog: a walk or jog to end animal cruelty, we focus on the uncomfortable worst-case scenario in order to build public awareness.  There is an established link between animal cruelty and interpersonal/domestic violence -- one that Calgary Humane Society and Calgary Police Service jointly provide education and training on routinely to build awareness and prevention strategies. One particular case just went through the court process and if there is a happy ending to be had, it is the landmark sentence of 3 years of federal incarceration for the offender.  The previous national incarceration record was 2 years, so this significant, precedent-setting sentence will be a foundation for all future abuse cases.  For the victims of this sad case and their lasting legacy, we remember Sophie and Tyler.

Sophie & Tyler

The owner of Sophie, a 7-year-old Basset Hound and Tyler, a 7-year-old Chihuahua was in a relationship with the now-convicted offender.  On Valentine’s Day of 2019, the owner found Sophie unresponsive when she woke up.  There had been visible bruising of the stomach area. Not suspecting anything sinister, Sophie was taken to a veterinary clinic for cremation. Three days later the owner awoke to Tyler’s laboured breathing which prompted a visit to a veterinarian. The diagnosis was not positive.  Tyler was suffering from internal bleeding and was required to be euthanized.  Now suspicious of her partner, a call to the police was placed upon finding a mallet and electrical tape with fur and blood on them. Police and CHS Peace Officers attended with a search warrant to investigate. Beyond the concern of violent animal cruelty, there was a collection of exotic snakes, reptiles and fish inappropriately housed in the garage, deemed to be in distress.  Among these exotic species was a venomous cobra, a species CHS has never sheltered before.  One of our brave Peace Officers took responsibility for handling, cleaning and feeding this dangerous snake. There is no limit to the types of animals that CHS will care for when subjected to animal cruelty.

Snake Seizure 3   Snake Seizure 2  Snake Seizure 1

Through veterinary forensics and admission under charter and caution, John Geick was charged criminally for inflicting the cruel abuse upon Sophie and Tyler, resulting in their deaths.  In 2022, Geick was sentenced post-trial to the aforementioned landmark 3-year incarceration term and a lifetime prohibition from owning animals.  In honour of Tyler and Sophie’s legacy, we remember them by running or walking to end animal cruelty. In awareness, shock and in anger, we find the means to combat animal cruelty and by its link, domestic violence.

Register for Dog Jog today to be a voice for vulnerable animals like Sophie & Tyler and walk with us on June 4th to help end animal cruelty.