It is important to keep your safety and the safety of those supporting your fundraising efforts in mind when planning your Party With A Purpose.
Please be sure to follow the COVID-19 guidance and restrictions put in place by the Government of Alberta.

For as little as $5.00, you can help feed one cat and one dog today!

Host a fundraiser this August and help feed the animals at Calgary Humane Society.

Right now, your support is needed more than ever. While COVID-19 slowed our world down, many animals have still come into our care. Every animal that comes through our door is unique: some require medical attention and some don't, some require behaviour support and some don't. However, the one thing that each and every animal who comes to us needs is a nutritious bowl of food. 

Party With A Purpose this August by hosting a fundraiser for the animals at Calgary Humane Society. Need some ideas on what types of fundraisers to host during COVID-19? Click here for 30+ ideas!

Donation Impact Avg. Length of Stay
 $2.37 Feed 1 cat today!  1 Day 
 $2.70 Feed 1 dog today!  1 Day 
 $17.96 Feed 1 cat for their average length of stay 7.58 days 
 $25.65 Feed 1 dog for their average length of stay  9.50 days
 $71.10 Sponsor 1 Patient Paw cat's meals for their stay in shelter  30 days or more
 $81.00 Sponsor 1 Patient Paw dog's meals for their stay in shelter 30 days or more

Win the Royal Canin Grand Prize!

The more you raise, the more animals you help feed! PLUS, for every $50.00 you help raise you will earn an entry to win the Royal Canin Grand Prize valued at $200.00.

  • Your choice of Canine or Feline tailored nutrition
  • Royal Canin duffle bag and swag
Prize winner was drawn on September 1st. Won by Tracey who raised $320.00 for the animals! 

It's easy to help feed the animals

Step 1: Register Your Party

Get started by thinking of the type of fundraiser you would like to host, and when the event will take place. A Party With A Purpose fundraiser can be hosted at any time and anywhere!

Then, register your party for free to customize your fundraising page to collect and track donations online.

Step 2: Promote Your Fundraiser

Once registered, you can send emails right from your participant centre, or share your fundraiser link on Facebook to collect donations online. 

Step 4: Party Time

Your efforts mean the world to us, and the animals you are helping! When your fundraiser starts, it is time to celebrate! Be sure to snap a few photos of all the fun you are having and tag #CHSparty or @CalgaryHumane so we can add them to our online gallery!

Step 5: Feed The Animals

After your fundraiser has ended, you can view all of the donations your received online on your fundraiser page. If you have collected any cash or cheque donations at your fundraiser, be sure to email to receive instructions on how to submit these donations. Be sure to fill out the donors information on this pledge form to ensure they receive a tax receipt for their contribution.

Download your pledge form here.

royal canin

Calgary Humane Society is proud to feed our animals Royal Canin. The tailored nutrition Royal Canin offers ensures every animal, no matter how unique, gets the best start to their second chance.